About Dash

2014-10-24 02.30.52

Ollo! We are Dave and Tash and make up the ‘Dash’ of World Wide Dash.

The blog will be a mix of our travel adventures and stories and include other lifestyle posts like recipes and homemade things. I (Tash) like to try my hand at making things myself and reduce buying prepacked items and want to share what I make encase someone else wants to give it a go too.

In 2015 we started our new adventures around the world, first stop South America! The goal is to travel and make our way to London to work. We aren’t sure how long we will be gone but want to give ourselves a good two years minimum make it worth quitting out jobs back home. We are looking to challenge ourselves and seeing the world at the same time. To do that we put our lives (temporarily) on hold in Australia and sold most of what we owed (or what owed us), left our professional jobs and said goodbye to our family and friends.

Dave and I have done some travelling together around Australia and we went to Fiji and Bangkok in 2014. We have both done separate travelling around the world with both of us travelling through USA at one stage. Dave has also done some European travelling and I have done some additional travelling through Thailand. We are looking forward to writing up our adventures together.

Thanks for reading!

Dash x

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