Week 2 – Fitazfk 28 Day Challenge

Week 2: 9 January 2017 until 15 January 2017.

What is Phase 1? Phase 1 is labelled the ‘Reinstatement and Engage’ week incorporating days 8-15.


This phase reinstates food and outlines the common symptoms when you do. Now I try to eat as GF and DF as possible as I have UC and my specialist told me to do this as it will probably help. They reintroduce dairy and wheat in this section as well as red meat. All of which I do not eat regularly. I will alter this slightly to accommodate my needs.


During this phase breakfast is made up of oats, omelettes, cereal and some of the breakfasts from phase 1. It doesn’t look like it will be hard to swap out the GF and DF for other options.


Lunches are made up of a mix of phase 1 lunches + salads. I will probably replace the red meat with chicken. I will need to find a love for salad as I really find it blah.


Dinner is made up of all the same meals from phase 1 so hopefully I am  not sick of them. I am the worst at eating the same food over and over again. I wish I could but I like variety.


The fitness schedule for this phase is quite the same in terms of the whole body EMOM and HITT sessions but is changed up a bit and the reps and sets are longer it seems. Like phase 1 the last day is a rest day so sit hack and relax for day 14.

At the end of this week I will report back on how I travelled and any slip ups. Must keep with mind over matter.


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