Week 1 – Fitazfk 28 Day Challenge (End)

Okay, so not going to lie didn’t do great on the week 1 but I was sick with the flu so I feel I have some leeway. I have been trying to make up for the various days of not meeting the plan. I followed Days 1-2 exercise and food well (minus a raw cocoa almond milk hot chocolate – London is cold at the moment so don’t judge me). Then the flu started getting worse and the rest of the week is a bit out of order. I got to work from home so that helped lots with meal prepping so the food element wasn’t too bad. The exercise didn’t go well as I was coughing too much to increase my heart rate via exercise.

Let’s summarise and get real for a minute…

Day 1 – Followed the eating plan well except the hot drink as stated above. Also, did the exercise plan in full.

Day 2 – Followed the eating plan except a 2 x chocolate balls (judge away) and also hit the gym for the exercise side.

Day 3 – Followed the eating plan but not the exercise plan due to the flu.

Day 4 – Failed the eating plan as I had smashed avo for breakfast at the cafe with the guest we have staying with us. We also went to the pub for dinner with said guest. Still no exercise due to my cough.

Day 5 – Followed the eating plan about 90% think I didn’t have the dinner side. Still no exercise.

Day 6 – Had breakfast at the cafe (smashed avo) and then had the right lunch but had Thai for dinner. I did, however, get myself to the gym and I did the exercise for day 3 and 4 in this gym session. Had a few moment with the cough lingering but got through it and felt great.

Day 7 – I had a breakfast from the plan then I went out and had two piccolos with almond milk and that stopped my hunger. I am making dinner from the plan (salmon) but I did skip lunch. I went to the gym and did the workout for day 5 and 6 in this session, still struggled with my cough a bit when my heart rate goes up. I had a protein smoothie post workout (as a replacement for lunch).

Okay as you can see this is not a great start to the week 1 or phase 1. I am considering either starting again or just pushing through and learning from the mistakes above. Really I am not doing the plan for any other reason but to try and get into a fitness routine and be more mindful about the food I eat and the portions I have. One thing I learnt this week is that my portions are too big normally. I guess I always knew this but when you weigh out all the food you realise it more. I feel, even though this hasn’t been a great start, that I am starting to build the routine and feel good about exercising again. Getting myself to the gym and pushing through.

I still forgot to weigh myself at the gym, oops.

I plan to make some natural snakes this week when the grocery order arrives. I am also making a GF, DF banana bread for my work colleagues just because it was requested. I mean it is so tasty. I will limit my intake of this baby though.

Wish me luck for Phase 2, definitely going to need it. I think the main thing is don’t punish yourself for what you haven’t achieved (following the plan to a tee) but what you have learnt: portion control, choosing better foods, getting more regular exercise in. I feel this is still a win.

N. x


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