Cafes/Coffee Around SW London

So as a pretty big lover of cafes and coffee as Australia is spoilt for choice with independent cafes serving amazing coffee. I feel it is imperative that we find the best coffee around the area in London we reside…South West. I also have a favourite coffee place near my work in London Bridge: Mousetail Coffee Stories -I love the coffee, the service and love going here each morning.

Now my coffee tastes might differ from yours and I also do not drink dairy milk and always have my coffee with milk alternatives or black. I have a few more I need to try but keep going back to the same ones as they are close and sometimes you just want what you know…

Coffee of choice is always a piccolo with alternative milk and previously was usually soy milk. Recently, I have tried to avoid drinking soy and replace with almond milk. I find almond milk in coffee can be very touch and go. Sometimes it is so delicious and other times it tastes off and doesn’t milk well with the coffee. I was also being naughty lately and adding additional calories to my diet by having almond milk mochas. I have stopped these now, although they are so delicious and a perfect treat.

I do find that some cafes when you order alternative milk coffees, make them buy adding the espresso to the milk jug that contains your alternative milk of choice and streaming it. This is so unpleasant and it completely changes the profile of the coffee, I personally think it ruins it. I actually always ask them not to do this as you not only do they always put too much milk in the jug you end up with a weak coffee that is too milky.

Here is the list:

LA Moka – 179 Battersea High St, London SW11

When we first moved to London this was recommended to us and it was a small hole in the wall on Battersea High Street. We didn’t enjoy it at all and never went back. Then we heard they expanded and became a cafe with breakfast so we thought let’s give it another go. Glad we did as this is a staple for us. We go so often that the girl almost knows our order…one day!

I was having soy piccolos here as they use Bonsoy and Bonsoy is so delicious in coffee, however, I just discovered they have almond milk and the last two times got an almond milk piccolo and it was divine. I have also had delicious almond milk mochas from here too.

Beans: Allpress Espresso Beans


Coffee Affair – Battersea – Queenstown Road Railway Station, The Old Ticket Office, Battersea, London SW8

I found this coffee shop catching the train to Waterloo and it was a pleasant discovery. The couple that owns the cafe are so lovely and explain the beans and what milk they had and what the ingredients were (in my case soy). I love going here for a coffee when I need to travel for work and use the station. Now for those in a rush, the service is not fast and you have to be prepared to wait. I think it is totally worth it as I think the coffee is so tasty and has a beautiful profile. I actually go early to get a coffee but I know if you are in a rush this would be annoying. I always have soy piccolos here and I am unsure if they do Almond Milk but next time I go there I will suss it out.

Beans: Unsure but will report back next time.

Story Coffee – 115 St John’s Hill, Battersea SW11

We went to this cafe lots when we first arrived as this was the best closest to us but now we have La Moka and we usually go there. I did go back to Story the other days as I walked past it and I remembered how enjoyable that little cafe is. Their coffee is delicious and the service is always perfect. I also just discovered they do Almond Milk too so I replaced my soy piccolos with almond milk piccolos.

Beans: Modern Standard Roasters


Brickwood Cafe – 16 Clapham Common South Side, London SW4

I have been here various times and it is never a letdown and they do a delicious breakfast too. They are always quite busy and that can be a downfall as you may need to line up. They do almond milk here too. They also have a few locations in Balham and Tooting.

Beans: Caravan’s Market

The Black Lab Coffee House – 8 Clapham Common Southside, Clapham
London SW4

If you are just after coffee and Brickwood is too busy just head to here. They have delicious coffee and the service is great. They also do alternative milk (almond and soy from memory). They also offer different blends and will recommend what goes with what. Great little place to stop and chill out at.

Beans: Various Beans

Social Pantry Cafe – 170A Lavender Hill, Battersea, London SW11

This is a cute little place to stop off by or sit and enjoy a bit to eat. The coffee is not spectacular but the vibe is nice, the food is good and the service is decent. I still think it is worth a visit even if you just want a takeaway. They offer alternative milk too.

Beans: Unknown

Birdhouse – 123 St John’s Hill, London SW11

I have only been here once and it was enjoyable. This cafe is the favourite of one of our friends. I think I need to head back here soon and re-experience this place. I remember the food and service being good and the coffee pretty decent. I know they do soy but unsure if they offer almond.

Beans: Nomad Coffee?

Milk – 20 Bedford Hill, London SW12

We have been here once and it is worth a mention. The food and coffee were nice. I remember ordering a soy piccolo and I didn’t want them to put the espresso and the soy milk together in a jug and steam it so they gave me a deconstructed piccolo (a glass with the espresso and a side of steamed soy milk). I found this pretty annoying and the waitress said the barista wouldn’t do it as it would curdle and I was like okay that’s fine. Bit weird, I don’t really care if it curdles, I prefer this then ruining my coffee by steaming the espresso.

Beans: Unsure

Brew – 45 Northcote Rd, London SW11

Not much to write on this one as only went once and found it to be overpriced and squishy in the cafe. It has terrible reviews online about the owner and I figured there are better places to go that are better value for money and have better coffee.

Beans: Unsure

Gails – Clapham + Various Locations Around London

I was going to Gails a lot in my almond milk mocha phase as they were the only cafe I knew that did it and then I discovered heaps do almond milk. I do not think Gails have good coffee and my partner does not like their coffee. However, they do have nice food and I think that in itself and if you mask the coffee by getting a mocha it is tasty.

Beans: Unsure

Doppio – 336 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11\

When Doppio first opened we were so excited but after the 5th or so time, the coffee didn’t seem to be any better. It is pretty standard but nothing wow about it. I think it is quite popular though as it always has customers when we walk past. They do have alternative milk (soy) not sure if they do almond yet.

Beans: Unsure, maybe their own brand?

Brother Marcus – 9 Chestnut Grove, Balham SW12

I went to Brother Marcus with friends when it first opened and it was 50% off food and I enjoyed it and the vibe. I have been there since with my partner and the food is good and the coffee is okay. They do alternative milk (soy) unsure if they offer almond milk yet. It is very popular on weekends. Also, at night they are a cocktail bar so worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Beans: Caravan?


Bad Bean – 4/, 6 Battersea Rise, London SW11

I think Bad Bean does better food than coffee. I enjoy their breakfast menu but I am yet to enjoy their coffee. I find the coffee to be too hot, no flavour and just watery. They do offer soy milk and I did a quick google and it looks like they offer a range of milk alternatives: coconut, soy, almond, and oat. If you cannot be bothered to line up at The Breakfast Club (which is overrated) I think it is definitely worth a visit and I will give their coffee another go.

Beans: Caravan?

7oZ Coffee Roastery – 7 Bedford Rd, Clapham SW4

I wanted to get out of the house and go for a walk so I walked to get coffee. This place was recommended so I figured why not. I braved the weather and glad I did. This cute little shop right next to the Clapham North Tube was worth the walk. The owner is quite possibly the nicest person to have serve you. They had two different beans types so obviously had two piccolos with almond milk. The single origin is 50p more but was so enjoyable and totally worth it for a treat.

Beans: Unsure as they change them regularly so just a lucky dip each time.

Okay, so that is all I can think of at the moment that I have visited and can review. I do have a list of cafes that need to try and then will review:

  • Bills
  • Lavish Habit
  • Bertie and Boo
  • Flotsam and Jetsam

If you have enjoyed any of the above or know the beans they use for the ones I have as ‘unsure’ please let me know.

N. x



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