Week 1 – Fitazfk 28 Day Challenge (Start)

Week 1: 2 January 2017 until 8 January 2017.

What is Phase 1? Phase 1 is labelled the ‘Cleanse and Prepare’ week incorporating the first 1-7 days.


Now you get a rest day with working out but I don’t think you get a rest/cheat day for the diet side. Which is fine as I need to stop the binge.

Thee is an eliminate section which is: corn, gluten, red meat, dairy cow products, certain oils, alcohol and caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners. There are also optimal tips like sleep, drink water, don’t eat late and consume apple cider vinegar before each meal.


Okay so you have three breakfast options and you just have to swap and chop as you want. I have decided to work it around how easy I can prepare these meals in line with my work start times. The best option for me for breakfast is the Green Machine Smoothie on work days. This smoothie is easy to make and with my Ninja I can blend and go quickly.

The other two meal options are Breakfast Salad and Lean and Green Omelette. As today was a public holiday in the UK I had the Lean and Green Omelette for breakfast. I have assigned the Breakfast Salad to the weekends.

There are two notes on the breakfast section which outline that if you are training in the morning then you can add X to your breakfast for extra recovery and energy.


As with breakfast you get three lunch options to go between. I have again based this on easy meals to make and have at work without the need for a kitchen. I also really do not enjoy microwaved meats so I want to eat something easy and without a microwave.

The options are: Super Green Broccoli Bowl, Lemon Chicken Salad adn Baked Eggy Frittata. I am going between the Super Green Broccolo Bowl and the Lemon Chicken Salad for work lunches. As above today is a public holiday and I made the Baked Eggy Frittata which was actually very tasty.


As standard there are three dinner options too: Quinoa Salmon Salad, Clean Fish and Chips and Stuffed Capsicums. As with breakfast you will just need to repeat the same meal. I choose 2 salmon, 2 fish and 3 capsicums. Today for dinner I am having Clean Fish and Chips just because I based in off what will go bad first from the grocery order.


It allows you to have two snacks per day and these are either boiled eggs or hummus and vegetables. If you want a snack pre-training you can have a piece of fruit and berries are recommended (I will probably have bananas).


Fitness is Days 1-6 only with Day 7 being a rest day.

The plan outlines that there are strict nutritional guidelines as part of the cleanse phase and your body will experience rapid change therefore, the fitness guide has been created accordingly and intensity will continue gradually.

The fitness side is made up of a different schedule each day. It ranges from whole body EMOM to HITT and they give you a gym or home routine. I personally love this as some guides only give you gym workouts on machines and then you have to customise yourself.

Will blog how I went of this week and next week for Phase 2: Day 8-14.


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