28 Days to Fitazfk Challenge (Why?)

I spotted this (Fitazfk) challenge on Instagram while bored and browsing so I figured why not give it ago. Today marks the first day of the Fitazfk 28 Day Challenge. Now the fitness side is going to be a little bit of a challenge as I have been carrying around a flu since finishing work on 22 December and it has decided to follow me into the new year. Anyway I still decided to start the challenge today 2 January 2017 and try to at least get the food situation happening.

Now I cannot weigh myself as I don’t own scales but I will make a mental note to weigh myself when next at the gym. I will take some photos and use them as a guide. I also need to print the guide so I can easily access the fitness schedule and workouts when at the gym.

The reason for doing this challenge is that since moving to London I have let my diet and exercise go a lot and I am feeling so average, flabby, sick and just overall blah! I used to have a great fitness lifestyle back home in Australia but not here. I work too much and it makes me stress, tired and lazy. The winter is here and it is cold and dark by 4/4.40pm each day, which I just am struggling with. I also have an auto immune disease that is acting up a lot lately and I know that I need to get my diet under control if I want to avoid a relapse and a hospital admission which always results in a bag of pharmaceutical medicines which I hate.

I reviewed this guide before I decided to do it and I figured it seemed somewhat easy to follow and the food was easy to obtain without the need to have a fully equipped kitchen at work to be able to meet the diet side.

The plan is based on a weekly eating plan and exercise schedule, I will blog weekly as daily isn’t going to really change that much.

Thankfully I am not a huge drinker so the alcohol side isn’t going to be hard but the caffeine side is as I drink caffeine every day before work so be able to get myself through the day (sad I know) plus I really LOVE the taste of coffee and it makes me happy one sip at a time.

See my next post for week 1!

N. x



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