How to Grow a Kombucha SCOBY

I used to brew Kombucha at home regularly and after 7 months of travelling, I have relocated to London. Kombucha is not as popular in stores as it is in Australia/America. If I did find Kombucha in stores in London, I am not a fan of the flavours available or the cost. I tried to find a SCOBY online but they were expensive and I was prepared to try and grow one.

I searched the internet for various recipes and as I wasn’t sure it would work, so I started small. I used the recipe I found at (The Kitchn Blog). I altered the recipe as I have a small jar and just wanted to make sure it would work first. If my SCOBY grows then I will use it in a bigger jar and get my SCOBY to expand like that. If you have a good sized jar then refer to recipe at The Kitchn Blog.

The recipe


  • 3 cups of water
  • 30g of sugar
  • 2 black tea bags
  • ½ cup unflavoured, Kombucha (store-bought)


  • Glass jar – size of your choosing – I used a small one
  • Wooden spoon/stainless steel spoon
  • Cloth (tea-towel, cheese cloth or similar)
  • 1 x rubber band
  • Saucepan/pot


  1. Pre-boil a jug/kettle of water
  2. Combine the required water and sugar into a saucepan/pot
  3. Add the tea bags and let them seep for about 10 minutes (some will leave it longer or shorter)
  4. Remove the tea bags and move the sweet tea to a glass jar
  5. Wait for the sweet tea to cool so leave on the bench (I usually cover with a towel so nothing flies into it)
  6. Once cooled to room temperature add the store bought Kombucha to the glass jar
  7. Now cover the jar with a tea-towel/cheese cloth and secure with a rubberband
  8. Store in a dark place for 1-4 weeks
  9. Check on you brew to make sure it is working its magic – it should have some bubbles and a film should start to develop. If this isn’t happening then something may be wrong. After the first week I started seeing bubbles and a film growing. It is also starting to smell fermented.
  10. Be patient, it needs time to grow.
DSC_0003 6 (Small)

This is after a few days of trying to grow a SCOBY

Will post progress photos soon and once I get SCOBY going I will brew Kombucha. I usually flavour my Kombucha the same each time as I am obsessed with Ginger and Turmeric Kombucha and sometimes for a little something different I like to add Gloves and Cinnamon.

N. x

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