Welcome to London!

We arrived in London one late December night from Poland (sounds like the beginning of a storybook). We spent just over a week hanging out with David’s family. We arrived in the dark as it gets dark early in the winter like 4PM. We had experienced this in Poland so it was nothing new. We came to London to live and work internationally for a few years, maybe longer, depending how we mesh. Arriving end of December meant that most things were closed over the break and it was somewhat a sleepy city. We had paperwork to organise and other administrative life tasks to handle so that kept us occupied. Apart from some basic exploring and trying to set up our lives we really haven’t had the opportunity to explore all of  London and what she has to offer. We have been the city various times, the bridge, experienced the DLR, TUBE, Overground and buses, Spitalfields and Borough Markets, Brick Lane, Battersea Park and a few other things. We have tried to use our feet as modes of transport were possible but London is a big place so public transport has been a winner, minus the TUBE it makes me feel nauseous.

So far London has been good. Apart from the obvious cold weather, wind and gloomy looking days our first month and a bit have been good. Exploring parts of London you can see where places like Melbourne and areas of Hobart get their architecture from. It has an old, comfortable feeling and I do see why Australians that come may not want to leave.

The biggest hurdle I am trying to overcome is the weather. Coming from sunny Queensland this weather is like a snowball hitting you in the face. I tend to leave the house with two layers on the bottom, 3/4 on top, two pairs of socks, boots, gloves scarf and a jacket; no amount of layers ever seems to be enough. The downfall is that establishments and offices are usually too warm and you need to then remove all the layers. HMPH. My body will take some time to get used to this weather and the voice inside says that probably won’t happen. How do you get used to ice cold winds cutting through your clothes and your face? I will never know!

Now we play the job hunting game and try and get someone to employee us because we are amazing qualified and great workers. Will report back our successes and failures (fun).

Till next time.

N. x

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