Natasha and Ayahuasca: Day 5-7

I decided to put days 5-7 together in one post as they didn’t involve any ceremonies.

Day 5

After eventually falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle the next day has arrived; it’s now Day 5 of Day 7. Day 5 is different for Dave and I because we will get a breakfast, lunch and dinner because we aren’t doing the Ayahuasca ceremony tonight. It is pretty exciting to get an extra meal, it is the small things. Today starts of the same as most days with breakfast and then group circle. In the afternoon, after lunch, we have a fruit bath. Basically they kept a bunch of food scraps and then washed us with them. I spent hours getting carrot out of my hair. I attempted to say not on my hair but she had already dumped it, it was too late (sigh). A fruit bath is used to relieve stress, boost immunity and blood circulation while strengthening capillary walls and nourishing the skin. The fruit bath was good but it did attract some butterfly friends who enjoyed feasting on the fruit. After a long, cold shower to get the endless carrot out of my hair we enjoyed a peaceful afternoon of walking around Kapitari and taking some photos. While the others prepared themselves for their final Ayahuasca ceremony we enjoyed (kind of) a much wanted dinner, with a hint or more of salt. The four of us that didn’t attend the last ceremony retreated early to our Tambos. I spent the night with my book, my thoughts and the jungle sounds.

DSC01069 (Small)

Day 6

Today, I woke feeling great. I waited for Dave and we wondered down for breakfast and group circle. We had to participate in group circle even though we didn’t attend the last ceremony. We were given the option to sit in on last night’s ceremony but sitting around listening to people purge, when I wasn’t, did not seem that appealing. It was good to listen to every one speak about their final ceremony and their overall experience. It seemed, throughout the group, that most people got something out of the experience, some more than others. There were some major revelations and others, although did not have any major affect from the medicine, enjoyed their Ayahuasca jungle experience. There was a particular person in the group that I don’t think they will ever find what they are looking for because they don’t know what they are looking for. Their goal was to meet God, each to their own. After group circle the afternoon was spent as free time. There was an option for some people to head back to the mainland at lunch but we decided to stay around. Roza, Ben, Vincient, David and I played a game that consisted of circles being drawn in the dirt and throwing a bunch of random shaped rocks into the circles. I shall call the game Random Rock Game. The rules are simple:

  • There are two lots of circles drawn around a metre and a half away from each other
  • The inner circle was worth two points and the outer circle one point
  • There are 10 total rocks of different shapes and weights
  • There are three rounds
  • Each player has a turn to throw all the of the 10 rocks at the circles and points are scored accordingly
  • The team with the most points wins.

We decided to do girls vs boys, because girls rule the world, right? Well in the case of this game and the last rock to be thrown girls did rule the Random Rock Game. Roza and I took out the title of Random Rock Game winning by one point. WOO HOO! Our prize was the boys had to go and bring us mandarins. It is the small things in life that count.

After an exciting game of Random Rock Game, we spend the afternoon chilling out and eating fruit until dinner. We were told that the generator would be on and we could hang out in the common areas (Maloca/Dining Room) except they didn’t tell us that two random people were showing up to do a ceremony and that at 7pm the generator would be off and the Maloca/Dining Room would be out of bounds. HMPH. We attempted to all gather near the dam area to sit under the stars but the mosquitoes are ruthless and that was short lived. We were all pretty sad that our free time that night was taken away from us. We would have headed back to the mainland if we knew there were people coming to do a ceremony. We all ended up heading to bed early for an early rise back to mainland Iquitos.

Day 7

We wake and head down for an early breakfast and give our bags to the Kapitari staff to carry on to the boats. We have a 40 minute trek back to the boat area before the 40 minute boat ride to Iquitos mainland. The walk back is much better than the walk to Kapitari, the sun is not intensely burning our skin off. Due to the river being too low we were unable to get back to the area we originally caught the boat from. We were all dumped at some other area of Iquitos and had to get a motor-taxi back to our hostels. Everyone seemed pretty annoyed by this. It took a while for everyone to get a motor-taxi as it wasn’t a popular drop off spot. We make it back to our hostel and our friend has decided to take the key with him and due to not having sim cards or internet access we are unable to get into our room and for some unknown reason Flying Dog Hostel only has one room key! Seriously?! We are due to meet the rest of the Kapitarians at a café for lunch, at midday so we shower and store our luggage in the luggage room since we cannot access our room. All the Kapitarians met, hang out and exchanged Facebook and contact details before saying our final goodbyes.

Overall, it was a memorable experience and I enjoyed my time with Ayahuasca and the Jungle. I am not sure I would be lining up to do it again in a hurry but if you think it is something you may want to do then you should do it. I enjoyed Kapitari and enjoyed the presence of the Sharman Don Lucho. I didn’t enjoy the facilitators but I have written a separate post on Kapitari which can be found below.

Till next time.


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