Natasha and Ayahuasca: Day 3

After a decent sleep, I wake and read some of my book before David arrives at my Tambo. Basically Day 3 at Kapitari is an off day, meaning we don’t have a ceremony, we get breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a few other activities.

Today was also the morning of the dreaded tobacco purge. For those that don’t know a tobacco purge consists of drinking a shot of concentrated tobacco juice and 2-5 litres of warm water and purging it all up. It is said to encourage a renewed sense of clarity, vitality and peace and a lasting physical purity. After much deliberation we decided to sit out. I understand there are some ancient methods behind the tobacco purge madness but my stomach was already super sensitive from the Ayahuasca that I just needed a break from purging. Most Kapitarians said that the experience was horrible and wish they didn’t do it. Everyone purged the tobacco juice back up except for my friend Roza who, for some reason, kept it all inside and felt quite ill for a period of time. We opted for breakfast instead.

We also got a visit from the Bora Tribe. They travelled three hours by land to pay us a visit. They danced for us and brought many pieces of art (jewelry, paintings, tapestry) for us to look at and purchase. We ended up buying a few pieces of jewelry but as we were backpacking we couldn’t really take anything with us. Before dinner we had a afternoon group circle, for the previous day Ayahuasca ceremony, to share our experiences. We finished the day with dinner and then I went back to my Tambo to read my book.

Till next time.

N. x

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