Natasha and Ayahuasca: Day 2

So after waking not feeling that refreshed Dave greets me before we head to breakfast. Each morning after breakfast we had group meetings. This is time people have to discuss their experience the night before. I didn’t have that much to contribute to group meeting as my experience was that intense. I did spend some time thinking about my experience and what they meant which I outlined under Day 1. Everyone in the group has their turn before we have some free time and then lunch. We have another ceremony tonight so after 2:00PM there is no more food. Everyone pretty much eats what they can or fills up on fruit. Day 2 there was also a one-on-one with the Sharman Don Lucho. I decided not to do my one-on-one I felt it was too early to discuss my Ayahusca experience and I also really didn’t feel that comfortable around the two facilitators to tell them private or person things for them to translate to Spanish for the Sharman. I like safe environments and ones where I feel my private or personal thoughts are respected and I didn’t feel that with the facilitators. As my Spanish wasn’t up to the part I decided to just forfeit my Sharman time. Looking back I wish I had taken Larry, one of the other group members, as he could speak Spanish and would have felt more comfortable with him translating.

At the same time the one-on-one consultations were happening there was a painting with natural paints class. The lady brought along a bunch of paper and paints that she had made from natural ingredients. We were all to paint a picture and she would interpret it. I had mine interpreted and I don’t know how she got that much from my painting but it really hit home. As she could only speak Spanish, Larry was the resident translator. He added dramatic effect to keep himself and us entertained. A picture of my painting is below. Dave also had his interpreted and they were both so true that even Dave, normally a skeptic, was taken back from her reading.


So the day goes on, everyone either is hanging around the common areas or reflecting in their Tambo. Come 4:00PM we all take our flower baths and wait for the next ceremony. This time I chose a different spot towards the back of the Maloca but still close to the door. My spot was next to Roza again as she has good energy and we were under a pretty awesome painting. Before I know it the ceremony has begun at 7:00PM. Where does time even go? This time I drink the Ayahuasca and my intention is just for her to show me all that I need to see and guide me through this.

My experience starts off as normal where the Ayahuasca doesn’t taste good and I feel nauseaus at the beginning as it works its way through my system. I sit down and try and breathe through the nausea so I don’t prematurely purge the Ayahuasca. Tonight I decide to lay down as the night before I sat up most of the first half as the need to purge was lingering. This time I thought I will know when it needs to happen and sit myself up, which I did and it all worked out. I am lying down with my eye closed (because I feel more connected just listening and shutting of my sight sense) and the Ayahuasca starts to work. Tonight the Ayahuasca comes on stronger than the night before and quicker. All the blackness in my sight turns into little blue dots and as the dots get closer to what feels like they are coming at me, the dots turn into blue butterflies and then disappear and this happened for what felt like a while. I then can see my silhouette and as my silhouette moves, like she is dancing, her limbs begin to turn into butterflies till eventually my entire silhouette has disappeared into butterflies. I am then somewhere that doesn’t look that familiar but feels as though it is similar to the forest or near a waterfall. I can feel myself present there and looking around at all the beautiful things and I am mesmerised by the beauty but I don’t know what any of it is. I just know it is beautiful and its beauty makes me smile. I hear a voice, that of a female, and I feel that someone is there but I don’t see anyone. She, the voice, offers for me to go closer and that if I think that is beautiful I should go with her and she will show me more beautiful things. Then the voice then asks if I want to go with her? I don’t hesitate and I agree. I follow her but I don’t know where I went or what happened as that is the last of that memory.

From here I am in a jungle, it feels like I am deep in the Amazon Jungle and it is dark but there is enough light that I can see some of my surroundings. I feel like I am walking on a log and around me I feel like there are crocodiles everywhere, they don’t seem like they want to harm me but I feel that there are lots of them in the water underneath me. I can see their eyes and feel their presence and I am not frightened of them. Then I am shown a snake, a large snake that of a anaconda. The anaconda swims in the crocodile infested water and I feel she is larger then me and what I am experiencing. The anaconda swims around the water in the jungle but I can only really see her eyes but I feel her presence. Her eyes just sit out of the water and I feel as though she is watching me or wanting me to follow her as she swims. At one point I can’t help but worry for her in the crocodile water and I feel I have to tell her that the water is infested with crocodile and to be careful. Then another thought overcomes me and I think she is an anaconda and can take care of herself, she doesn’t need me to tell her. As I continue to be present in the jungle and watch and feel the anaconda her body is shown to me. Her body comes out of the water and as it goes back into the water her body turns in to crocodiles.

From here my visions are starting to disappear and I feel this weird dark cloud come up over me and turned my grey vision, from closing my eyes, into just black nothing. Following this all my visions have stopped and I just lay there thinking and listening to the jungle. It seems that the ceremony has come to an end and Dave and I walk back to our Tambo’s and I lay in mine just drifting off to the jungle sounds and I write down my experience in my phone before i eventually dose off.

What does it all mean?

To be honest, I don’t really know. I am told the Anaconda is Mother Ayahuasca and the teacher of the medicine. I am not sure what she was showing/teaching me but I enjoyed her presence.

Till next time.

N. X

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