Uyuni Salt Flat, Salt Energy

I basically did a separate post on the Uyuni Salt Flat because I took endless photos (good and bad) and most of this post will be pictures. Pictures cannot even begin to show how amazing this place is. Completely in awe of it! This was my favourite part of Bolivia and to me this is pure perfection. I have a weird love of SALT and I love the beautiful natural creations Mother Nature gives us. We travelled to Uyuni via the Todo Tourism Bus which we booked in advance and we also booked our day tour in advance via Kanoo Tours online, as we had limited time in Bolivia. We paid 38.00 USD for the tour each. The tour is a budget tour without a real guide that speaks English so basically just a driver. This is all you need as you get time to explore on your own without being herded around with the group, like most tours. The tour goes from 10.00am to 4:30pm. Along the way you will see the train cemetery, cold water bubbling from holes in the salt, a salt hotel, Isla Incahuasi (aka Isla Pescado) which is home to giant cacti, see endless salt flats, get lots of photo opportunities and some lunch before heading back to Uyuni. We had a great day and this was definitely the highlight of my Bolivia time. I could spend ages out on the salt just admiring the natural beauty and taking in the salt energy. Highly recommend and if you cannot do the 3 day tour because of time, try and do the day tour.

Short and sweet but photos are better in this case.


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