Bolivia, Left Me Wanting More…

After approximately 24 hours plus of travelling from Cusco we made it to La Paz, Bolivia. We used Peru Hop/Bolivia Hop to get us there. Obviously, we could have got there much quicker but we had organised a tour with Peru Hop but I got sick and couldn’t attend and they offered to swap the ticket so we didn’t forfeit the cost of the tour and we just had to pay the difference. Was it worth it? Yes and No. Peru Hop works as a hop on and off service around Peru and Bolivia (just to La Paz at this stage), this meant we were able to go from Cusco to Puno to Copacabana to La Paz and then La Paz to Copacabana to Puno to Arequipa to Nazca to Huacachina to Lima. You can choose to hop off at each stop, stay and get on the next bus that suits you and matches the timetable. It’s pretty decent as they pick you up from your hostel or hotel and you are dropped off the same way. The downfall is the buses are only Semi Cama and most times Dave and I travel by bus we choose Salon Cama for the comfort of long extended trips by road. The other downfall is that you can’t ever get somewhere quickly due to the stops. So a 10-12 hour trip by standard bus can turn in to 24 hours travel. I definitely don’t recommend using if you want to get there quick and I doubt they would suggest it either given it is a hop on and off service. The trip form Cusco to La Paz was average at best, it was long and although the bus was comfortable it was full and the reclining seat situation meant everyone reclined and you were squished in your seat. Sigh. Nonetheless we got to our destination safely which is a massive plus given the driving of Peruvians, well most of South American drivers in general.

Okay so back to Bolivia. We only organised a quick stop in Bolivia because we haven’t been feeling well and generally didn’t think Bolivia would jump out at us. Well it did and now I wish I had stayed longer, despite having stomach issues 90% of the week we spent in Bolivia. We had organised to get to Bolivia stay two nights in La Paz get the bus to Uyuni for the Salt Flats and get the bus back the same day and spend the last night in La Paz before catching the hop bus back. We pretty much followed this but added Death Road at last minute due to the recommendation of a friend as we weren’t that keen before.

So La Paz, the city of altitude and unfortunately that’s all I/we got to really experience (thanks stomach issues). We did get to see it through the car window going to and from Death Road and it is massive! I really wanted to go on the cable cars but missed out. Next time! We did get to enjoy some food and coffee at a cafe, organise our Death Road tour (read about that here: Death Road and Altitude Adventures), go to the bus station, go to Uyuni for the Salt Flats (read about it here: Uyuni Salt Flat Salt Energy), do some laundry and eat some Mexican food, which caused another stomach issue for me.

So basically that is all we got to experience in Bolivia. Bolivia was better than I expected and I definitely want to head back to see the other cities and head north to the natural creations. Bolivia don’t go anywhere I’ll be back to experience you again.

Till next time.

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