Goodbye for now…South America

After much talk we decided to pack up temporarily and depart South America and head to USA. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that we spent more than half of the trip unwell and although not 100 percent sure the cause, most likely the food and water, it was bringing us and the experience down. Second, Dave has been working on obtaining his Polish citizenship and passport and has been working with a lady in Poland who confirmed his citizenship the other day and has forward on the forms needed to be completed and processed at the Polish Consulate in New York. So we decided to head there to give ourselves a break and restore some health and get this passport sorted.
I, well we, aren’t completely done with South America, even though she hasn’t been that kind to us we still have places we want to see. We’re hoping to return in November for a few weeks to go to Ecuador and Colombia. As my birthday is in November I’d love to see Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and stay at a coffee plantation in Colombia. We want to get to Argentina and Brazil at some stage but as Australians it costs us visa entry so we left them behind for now. Although we saw some of Bolivia there is much more I’d love to see, especially the North and this goes for Chile too as you can’t travel the north in winter as it is too cold. After moving on from South America we want to get to Central America and places of interest are currently Mexico and Cuba.
We are still torn on the working situation. We weren’t sure how long we wanted to depart Australia for in total but knew we wanted to make it worthwhile, in terms of a decent time away. We’re thinking 1-2 years minimum which combines some travel and work. I’ve always wanted to work internationally; I think it is great to be able to experience international business in your industry of choice. Dave has friends that have migrated to New York and we’re considering maybe trying to find work in New York but also have considered Texas, Colorado and Los Angeles. I guess it will come down to job availability and our success in landing a decent position. We also want to do a European stint and work in the UK. Ever since I was younger I always said to my mum that I wanted to live in the UK. Although, I have no explanation as to why, I want to complete this ‘dream’.
Anyhoo, we have arrived in Miami for our transfer to Houston. From here we will drive through Texas to Colorado and then fly to Los Angeles before flying to New York. Our flight to the USA was smooth sailing but the entry in to USA through Miami was weird. Last time I was in the USA I landed in LA and was never questioned about my relationship, work, money or previous whereabouts. Dealing with passport control in Miami was a bit of a shock. The woman didn’t mess around (and she had African American swagger) she wanted to know what our relationship type was, why we flew to South America and didn’t go through the USA (maybe no one told her that the USA isn’t the central fly point), how much currency we had (only $45 USD as we have cards) when I asked her if she meant just cash or card she was like ‘cash is currency’. Still didn’t answer my question but moving on. She also wanted to know when we would be out and Dave replied were staying until the ETSA visa waiver ends and then I said like 90 days and her reply was ‘I know what a ETSA is, it is my job’. Um no one was questioning whether you know what it was, we were just stating the terms of the waiver. Hmph. This situation then got repeated as we exited in the main terminal to check into our connecting flight. This time we got asked what we were doing with our work. Which I was like what do you mean, what are our jobs or where are they? He got stroppy when I asked and Dave just replied with ‘we’re taking a sabbatical’. Thankfully, that was over!
Well were almost in Texas and after our small adventure, including Disney Land, we will be in New York visiting friends. It will be nice to have a break, see some friends, and have toilets that you can flush the toilet paper down and hopefully get a decent soy piccolo or cortado is this land.
For now, Chao!

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