Natasha’s Packing List for 1st Trip Around the World

So, I won’t lie, I had absolutely no idea what to pack to travel the world. I have a million clothing items at home plus a million products, among other things. How do I reduce it all to fit in the pack I have? It wasn’t easy. Trying to pack for potentially four different seasons is difficult when you want to reduce the size and weight of what you have. Now, I have never been backpacking or ever owned a pack that I had to put my life into, so this is a learning curve. As time goes on, I will assume that future Natasha is going to throw some of this stuff out. Probably after I drink Ayahuasca and I realise that there is more to life than ‘things’. Well for now this is my list and yes I will say that I probably/definitely have over packed. But hey got to learn somehow.

As we were so busy trying to get our affairs in order before coming over I didn’t have time to note down what I packed, neither of us did. As we are about to move on to the next city we had to repack stuff and decided to note it down. I have made some comments next to things. Pretty much anything long/warm and can be used as a layer I have used so far since being in Chile. I have used all the toiletries as I am on a mission to use them all so I can reduce the amount I have without being wasteful. I have used all the shoes except my Nike’s which I will use more when trekking.

The Main Backpack

My main pack is a Kathmandu Terrane 70L Wheeled Trolley Backpack. It is 60L standard with an added 10L small pack that goes on the front (so far haven’t used). I am not sold on it 100% and Kathmandu don’t do refunds only exchanges with credit note so unless I wanted a $300+ credit note that I probably would never used I just had to suck it up. The straps and harness system is great the wheeling system needs some work. I think I may be better to carry the bag rather than wheel it. I don’t expect to do much trekking with the bag so I shall see how I go over the trip.


The Trekking Pack

As the pack that came with the main pack is only 10L and at this stage I am not using it, I also have a trekking pack which is used to keep some stuff in for when our main packs are being loaded under the bus or being checked in on the flight. The pack I have is the Berghaus Freeflow II 30 Daypack. I got the one for men rather than for women only because the one for women is pink. I really did not want a pink bag. This pack is good but the only flaw is that it doesn’t have a zipper at the bottom so everything is loaded up through the top. I didn’t notice this when it was purchased as was more focused on the strapping system and whether it had decent support. I have long packing cubes which I will use when using this pack anyway so problem solved.



Below is what I packed for clothing, toiletries and misc items. If I understood the postal system I would consider posting a few things back home but then again we are starting in South America and the weather is going to change as we go around. Yes, I packed too many toiletries but I had all these products and was most hadn’t been used and were a bit pricey so I tried to take what was left in 100ml travel bottles. Most of the toiletries will run out quickly and, once gone, I will replace with the bare minimum to reduce weight.

Underwear and Swimwear
2 x swim sets
3 x bras
13 x underwear (includes 6 G-strings)
10 x socks

1 x base layer (merino wool) pants
3 x jeans (probably should have left one at home but didn’t think of the one I wore on the plane)
2 x sport leggings
1 x pants for going out (I had to take these as I love them and in less cold weather I will wear all the time)
1 x fleece leggings
1 x leggings
2 x shorts (1 x sports 1 x standard)
1 x comfy pants (will probably discard this after Iquitos)
1 x wool type long dress
1 x tracksuit pants

2 x dressy shirts
4 x t-shirts
4 x singlets
1 x sports bra
1 x sports top
1 x turtle neck

2 x weather jackets (definitely should have left one behind but have worn both lots)
1 x leather jacket

1 x thongs (flip flops)
1 x Sketches walking shoes
1 x Toms shoes
1 x Nike Trail Shoes

2 x scarfs
2 x beanies
1 x hat
1 x cross shoulder small bag
1 x straightening iron (yes, I have used this given my hair is short and fluffy)
2 x sunglasses

1 x facial wipes
2 x roll on deodorant (didn’t mean to pack two but discovered two)
1 x spray deodorant
1 x can dry shampoo
1 x makeup bag (various makeup)
1 x shampoo and conditioner
1 x face wash/toner/scrub/mask (100ml each)
2 x hair salt (1 x spray 1 x powder)
1 x make up remover (100ml)
1 x hairbrush/comb
1 x toothbrush/paste/mouthguard
1 x razor and blade
Hair ties and clips
Tampons and pads/Menstrual cup (going to give it ago)
5 x perfume sprays (5ml each)
1 x nail file

1 x acne cream (almost gone)
1 x bottle probiotics/fish oil (I have bad joints and strive for good gut health when travelling)
Emergency medicine for my ulcerative colitis given to me by my specialist (yet to use, YAY)
Malaria and antibiotics just encase we get sick (shared with Dave)
Random other medical things like bandaids and headache pills (shared with Dave)

Electronics (all shared with Dave)
2 x Cameras (1 x waterproof and 1 x DSLR)
1 x power adapter
All charging cables

1 x rain poncho
1 x silk sleeping bag liner
1 x headlamp
1 x micro towel
Packing cubes various sizes
Notebook and pens

I think that covers everything. Like I said probably too much stuff but only time will tell. Ideally, in the future once we have our ‘groove’ (for the like of a better world) on with travelling we hopefully could travel with just a check in backpack.


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