A Little Bit of Melbourne

Even though I have been to Melbourne before, my first thoughts when entering the Queen Victoria markets were; wow this is awesome! The cacophony of human activity was absolutely invigorating. Sampling some of the English cheddar cheese on offer brought me back a few years to a small farmers market in London where I had the pleasure to try some amazing cheeses. Each and every one having different subtle (and not so subtle) flavour notes.

Moving on to the Polish delicatessen to grab some traditional Polish creme fudge lollies for my mum, my eyes fell upon a display of Paczki. OMG! Absolute must have! My first bite of this firmly cemented a thought that had been growing with every moment, if we come back to Australia then Melbourne is definitely where we need to be.

But just like anywhere else in the world, you need to find the places that give you what you prefer, which brings me to the next subject… coffee.

I have grown to love a simple Piccolo Latte, not too much milk with a full coffee flavour. I mean what’s the point in drinking a cup of milk when what I really want is coffee!

I have only heard good things about the coffee in Melbourne and I’m no expert but I know what I like and, at least in the cbd, the coffee there was for want of a better word – WEAK. If I wanted a warm cup of milk I would of asked for one. We didn’t visit every Cafe, but we did try quite a few of the higher rated and recommended  places and I was left dissatisfied every time. Maybe some would say I’ve been tainted by the coffee available in Brisbane but really I can appreciate at least some of the subtleties between a different blend or roasting. We have found some favourite cafes in Brisbane each with their own distinct blend/flavour profile, and yes sometimes I want an in your face flavour hit and sometimes I just want to be able to sit and drink something a little more subdued. Every coffee I had in the CBD was the same, weak milk shot. In saying that we did explore some of the inner suburbs and did find a couple of gems. “Pillar of salt” and “A little somthi’n somthi’n” in Richmond did a great coffee, not an in your face hit but a good level of coffee bitterness that didn’t linger but finished smooth and left a refreshing taste. Lastly, “Milkwood” at the end of the tram line in East Brunswick had a similarly great coffee.

Having only had a long weekend to explore, I know there is much more to do and see but it was enough time to leave a lasting impression on myself and Natasha. Melbourne we will be back.


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