Needles, Needles and More Needles + UC.


Appointment 1

After researching what immunisations were required for a range of countries we found out some that were required and others recommended. Given we don’t have a structured itinerary of our trip we decided to get what we need to protect ourselves as best we can. We also read that you cannot get in to South America without a Yellow Fever vaccination record. So we finally organised to see the travel doctor in Brisbane. Prior to this we organised to see our GP each and find out what our immunity was and our immunisation history. We had a joint appointment with the travel doctor and it was a LONG appointment. I swear the consult was over an hour and a half! In total we were there from 9:20am to 12:30pm! It probably didn’t help that we could only tell him a basic idea of our travel plans such as ‘we are going to South America and hopefully the world’. He has many questions for us and most of which we are like um don’t know. He gives us a book and outlines all the immunisations for a somewhat ‘world’ trip and we start going through our history and what we will need. Now as we go down the list there were more than anticipated. I mean, lots more. The bill was a bit of a shock… $1070 total for the both of us. A breakdown is listed below. 

Consult: $110 x 2 

Stamaril – Yellow Fever: $95 x 2

Vivaxim – Hepatitis A and Typhoid: $125 x 2

Adacel – Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus: $50 x 2

Rabies (TRID2) – Rabies: $160 x 2

Blood Collection Fee: $7 (David Only)

Total: $1087 

This was a hit to the bank account. I am glad we tested our immunity before we went and had an idea of what we were immune to to avoid extra immunisations. They can do blood tests there to test it but taking your history from the GP is much easier. Now we should hopefully avoid getting sick while travelling, well major diseases. We are still taking over malaria tablets with us and some other antibiotics as part of a first aid kit. We won’t get these till before our trip I mean our bank account is crying after that hit.

Appointment 2

We had our follow up travel doctor appointment for our second lot of rabies shots. David was also told that he is not immune to chickpox and as it can get worse when you are older, if caught, he decided to get that done too.  As we had the yellowfever one the chickpox shot had to be done in the next appointment.

Total cost: $50 ($25 each for a nurse fee for the injection).

Appointment 3

We had our third appointment at the travel doctor and this was for our third lot of rabies and do have our blood tests to see if we show immunity for rabies. David also had his first chickpox shot.


Dukoral course x 2: $192

RN Fee x 2: $50

Varivax (David only) – $68


Total $310

Appointment 4

Yay, we are immune to rabies, well as immune as one can be. Last and final Chickpox shot for David and collecting our malaria tablets and other bits and pieces.


Diamox x 2: $16

Malarone (Malaria) x 2 : $145.60

Varivax: $68

Loperamide: $6

Norfloxacin: $19

RN Consult Fee: $25

Total for Tash: $279.60


Overall Total: Not going to add up and just pretend it doesn’t exist!

Ulcerative Colitis

Now I (Natasha) suffer from a lovely disease called Ulcerative Colitis. Thankfully, over the past few years I have managed to keep this baby in remission and avoid any major relapses. I have been hospitalised twice for this and both times were not long after I was diagnosed and its effect on me. I have since learnt more about it and the best way to manage it personally. I recently had a flexible sigmoidoscopy and was given the all clear! BEST NEWS EVER! No signs of inflammation. To me this is WINNING AT LIFE! The specialist still wants me to take over some emergency medications but cleared me from having to take any daily ones. This should make the travels more fun not having to remember to dose myself in medications everyday. Nonetheless, I still paid extra to have my travel insurance specifically cover me for this and I will have to still travel with a doctors note encase an emergency arises and they can see my previous treatment history. Just putting it out there: I look forward to a ulcerative colitis flare free travel. 


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