A Coffee Plantation in Koonorigan, NSW

We were beginning to feel run down and stressed out from work which calls for a short weekend trip away to refresh! We found a Coffee Plantation BnB while searching on AirBnB. This little gem is nestled in the northern NSW countryside among rolling hills and close to national parks. A short (3hr) drive from Brisbane, through some slightly run down country roads, annoyingly exaggerated by the firm suspension of my car, brought us to the lovely home belonging to Lindsay and David. An English couple that have lived what we would consider an ideal lifestyle, never staying in one place too long and doing any job that pays the bills while in between homes/holidaying. That’s not to say they haven’t had their fair share of successful careers, but when you need a job/money its best not to turn your nose up at anything.

This lovely home, featuring 4000 coffee trees, was opened to us with a warm reception and an unforgettable piccolo made by David. Being a country estate there wasn’t much in the way of entertainment or distractions (yes there was TV and WIFI connection) but that is the whole point, we wanted to get away from the rat race, just enjoy a bit of nature and most importantly relax.

Walking through the coffee trees we came to a decision that being a bespoke single origin coffee farmer is right up there on the list of future jobs for us. Our feet took us to visit the resident grass mowers, 5 cows that although seemed quite placid, were not the biggest fans of being close to me, let alone being patted. Much the same can be said of the resident chicken, Flossy, though just watching her scratch around in the garden provided us with simple distraction.

Breakfasts were a great time to get loaded up with caffeine, two piccolos to start the day, don’t mind if I do, accompanied by our choice of fruit, cereal, yogurt, or a nice English style big breakfast.

Although some bad weather prevented us from exploring more of the surrounding national parks we were able to take a short drive to Lismore and Nimbin. Not much to say about Lismore as all we did was get groceries and petrol. On the other hand, Nimbin was quite interesting, as there is probably only one place in Australia were you can be asked if you want marijuana or cookies various times walking down the street. We checked out the shops, art gallery and dined at a little café with delightful coffee and good food. On our last day in the Koonorigan country side, the sun came out and we made a point to stop into Protester falls on our way home. Due to the previous few days of constant rain, a bridge close to the car park was overflowing with river water and as such the park was closed to cars (and people). Luckily the water was not deep enough to stop us walking through and the short trek up to the falls was easily worth the minor risk of ending up falling into the river. The subtropical rain forest was full of magnificent trees providing some great opportunities to develop our photographic skills. Thick spiral shaped vines and easily 20-30m tall trees somehow managing not to fall over while growing on what looks to be a mini landslide/rock fall. Coming up to the waterfall itself, we could tell we were in for an amazing experience, as you could hear the roar of the water getting louder and louder with every step. Standing in front of the 25-30m falls was an amazing experience, the sheer volume of water was powerful enough to generate strong gusts carrying plenty of mist that had us completely drenched within a few tens of seconds. This for me was a powerful experience that felt like any stresses I had were blast washed away with every misty gust of air and left me joyfully wondering at the amazing power and beauty of nature.


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